Out of fourteen districts of Kerala, Wayanad is considered the least developed district. Many factors like topography, poor industrial growth and lack of high value business ventures have played key roles. This is also reflected in the health sector. There were no medical colleges and only few hospitals with poor healthcare services existed in the District. Though the Government made commendable efforts, public – private partnership was the need of the hour to fulfil the aspirations of the local people. The population of Wayanad includes a large number of Tribals (36%), majority of whom fall below the poverty line (BPL). On a day-to- day basis, they suffer from lack of facilities for trauma care, specialist care and super specialty services. The locals had to travel at least 100 kilometers to avail even the basic treatment. DM Education and Research Foundation, after analyzing the needs of the region and the gap in the health care facilities in Wayanad area, decided to set up DM WIMS with the following mission:-


  • Quality Healthcare at affordable cost
  • Providing high quality medical education and training
  • Improving Healthcare infrastructure
  • Overall development of the region


The Unique Features of the Project are:

  • The First Medical College in Kerala established in a Backward, Hilly & Tribal District.
  • 50 Acres of Green Campus.
  • 12.5 lakh Square feet built-up-area.
  • Academic Complex designed for an annual intake of 150 students.
  • The First Medical College Hospital in North Kerala and one among the very few Medical College Hospitals in the country established in a rural area to receive NABH accreditation.
  • Library facilities including e-learning.
  • Green Building Design which emphasizes the natural ambience and energy efficiency.
  • Implementation of innovative methods of teaching.
  • Use of alternate forms of Energy like Solar Power and Hydroelectric Power.
  • Self-sustained water supply through Rain Water Harvesting Reservoir.
  • Development of Botanical garden in collaboration with Dr. M S Swaminathan Foundation.
  • Serene Environment - Ideal for Education.